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New artifacts with 2PC and 4PC set bonus revealed

New artifacts with 2PC and 4PC set bonus revealed

Information about New artifacts with 2PC and 4PC set bonus revealed

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Genshin Impact introduces new domains from time to time. And based on recent leaks, a new artifact domain may be in store for version 2.3.

Leakers recently revealed two artifact sets coming to Genshin Impact: Husk of Opulent Dreams and Divine Chorus. The leaks show what these artifacts may look like, as well as revealing set effects.

With these new artifacts, Kokomi, Albedo, and the upcoming Itto may soon become instrumental characters in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact leaks suggest two new artifact sets are coming in version 2.3

Divine Chorus artifacts

Divine Chorus2pc: Healing Bonus +15%
4pc: Healing effect generates a Healing Bubble (HB), up to once per 3.5s. HB will accumulate Stacked Healing (SH) as characters get healed. HB bursts after 3s, healing nearby characters (50% of SH) and damaging nearby enemies (90% of SH).

According to Genshin Impact leakers, a character with a 2-piece set of Divine Chorus will get a 15% bonus to their healing abilities. Meanwhile, this artifact set’s 4-piece bonus will likely improve both healing and DPS.

Divine Chorus’ 4-piece bonus should create a bubble when the user heals someone. This bubble will accumulate any team healing for three seconds, then burst. When the bubble bursts, party members should be healed by 50% of the bubble’s accumulated value. Also, nearby enemies will take 90% of the bubble’s value as damage.

As many Genshin Impact players have noticed, the Divine chorus artifacts seem to be a perfect fit for Kokomi. With her constant healing abilities, she should be able to create plenty of Healing Bubbles with a 4-piece set of these artifacts. Many Kokomi players have felt that her sub-DPS has been lacking thus far, but the Healing Bubble’s damage may change that.

Players will have to test out Kokomi with these upcoming artifacts to see their true potential. It’s unclear if overhealing will limit the Healing Bubble’s damage, and this question will determine how useful Kokomi will be as a sub-DPS.

Husk of Opulent Dreams

Husk of Opulent Dreams2pc: DEF +30%
4pc: The on-field character’s Geo damage grants +6% DEF and +6% Geo damage, up to one stack every 0.3s, for a maximum of 4 stacks. When off-field, one stack is gained per 3s. When new stacks are not gained, the buff loses one stack every 6s.

Husk of Opulent Dreams has a 2-piece set bonus that buffs defense by 30%. The artifacts’ 4-piece bonus buffs defense and Geo damage, both when the user is dealing Geo damage on field and when they’re off-field. These buffs can stack up to four times, for a max bonus of 24% Geo damage and 24% defense.

Albedo players and Itto wanters may be especially interested in this upcoming artifact set. With Albedo’s Elemental Skill scaling off his defense, his off-field DPS could perform well with Husk of Opulent Dreams.

Also, leaks suggest Itto’s Elemental Burst will buff his attack stat based on his defense, while Itto’s standard attacks deal Geo damage.

If leaks are true about Itto’s Elemental Burst, Husk of Opulent Dreams may be his best-in-slot artifact set. Genshin Impact has hinted that Itto and Gorou will be on the gacha banners in version 2.3, and the new artifacts should arrive in 2.3 as well. Itto wanters will just have to wait until then to summon and build him.

Breaking Story – New artifacts with 2PC and 4PC set bonus revealed

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