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“Jimmy Garoppolo was just being a b**ch”

“Jimmy Garoppolo was just being a b**ch”

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Jimmy Garoppolo, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback, is injury-prone. Since moving to San Francisco in 2017 and gaining the starting role, he has played only one complete season (2019). According to former tight end Martellus Bennett, not every Garoppolo that lost a game was really because of an injury.

Bro, we lost two games. One of them was because Jimmy Garoppolo was being a b****. He decided not to play right before the game. Jacoby [Brissett] came out and played with a f***** up thumb and played his heart out, but Jimmy was just being a b**** about it all.

Bennett stated about Garoppolo via Double Coverage with the McCourty Twins.

Martellus Bennett revealed his thoughts on Jimmy G 😳

Garoppoloin the 2016 NFL season

What Bennett is talking about is September 2016.

Tom Brady was out serving his four-game Deflategate suspension, and Garoppolo got his first opportunity to start. It lasted a game-and-a-half. A game-and-a-half of great quarterbacking, granted, but he left after getting hit with 4:02 to go in the first half of Week 2 and never came back.

Jacoby Brissett, a rookie at the time, came off the bench as the Miami Dolphins outscored the Patriots 21-7 in the second half, but the Pats hung on for the win, 31-24.

Brissett started Week 3 and led the Patriots to an impressive 27-0 win over the Houston Texans. The win included a 27-yard touchdown run from Brissett right around J.J. Watt’s side of the Texans’ defensive line.

The rookie quarterback injured his throwing hand and only had 103 passing yards.

So by Week 4 against the Buffalo Bills, everyone was anxious to get Garoppolo back. He got to Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA, at an early time, around 7:00 a.m., and everything was looking good.

Shortly before game time, though, Garoppolo said he could not go. The Patriots pressed Brissett into emergency duty and lost to Rex Ryan’s Bills 16-0.

As soon as the game was over, Brissett was taken to have surgery on his thumb. Despite that, he still managed to throw for 205 yards and did not turn the ball over. In doing so, he earned universal respect from everyone for the way he fell on the grenade and put his body on the line for the entire team.

Which, according to Bennett, is the complete opposite of what Garoppolo did.

@SInow At the time there were reports the Pats had to encourage Jimmy to suit up by reminding him how Tom would play through these things…don’t blame him though looking out for his health and TB ain’t human…

The Patriots’ 2016 season started turbulently but ended with the team winning Super Bowl LI over the Atlanta Falcons, so no harm, no foul, aside from Garoppolo-Bennett’s relation.

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