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How to turn on crossplay in Back 4 Blood

How to turn on crossplay in Back 4 Blood

Information about How to turn on crossplay in Back 4 Blood

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Splitscreen co-op may be disappearing, but crossplay is more alive than ever and is certainly part of Back 4 Blood. Most players, regardless of the platform, probably have a friend they want to join up with to slay some zombies.

Crossplay as a whole is super simple in Back 4 Blood, and is available by default within the menu. But there are a host of options that players have access to when dealing with crossplay, which even includes removing it all together if a more exclusive experience is desired. All of those options will be detailed in full below.

Activating crossplay in Back 4 Blood

Anyone that loads up Back 4 Blood for the first time will have crossplay enabled by default. This makes the process far simpler for players who want the option available to play with other platforms.

However, if they want the option removed or brought back, the first step is to head over to the Play menu within Fort Hope. The crossplay option will not be found in the normal settings for Back 4 Blood, so make sure to follow this first step. Once players are in the Play Menu at Fort Hope, they can start to customize their settings.

Upon opening up the menu in Fort Hope, players will find an option labeled ‘preferences’ that has exactly the settings needed. At the bottom portion of the preferences list, there will be an option for crossplay that can be promptly enabled or disabled.

While enabling and disabling crossplay is simple in Back 4 Blood, there is the next hurdle of inviting players from other platforms to join the game. Disabling the preference won’t cause any problems. However, there’s an additional step to joining different platforms.

How to join or invite players from other platforms in Back 4 Blood crossplay

Back 4 Blood has a friends list based around the individual game, and it’s curated for anyone that owns the title. When a player first logs into Back 4 Blood, they are given a user ID with their name and some numbers that follow.

Those who want to join or invite their friends on other platforms need to add that unique player name with numbers to their friends list. From there, they can easily join each other for some crossplay matches in Back 4 Blood.

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