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How to play tennis in GTA Online

How to play tennis in GTA Online

Information about How to play tennis in GTA Online

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GTA Online has many mini-games that players can indulge in within the game. Rockstar games always include multiple mini-games for players to enjoy while completing missions in the GTA series. These mini-games are often related to some sports, and in GTA Online, players can play tennis with their friends or other players online.

Players can play tennis both in GTA 5’s story mode as a single-player and in GTA Online as a multiplayer game. Tennis is a fun sport that players can play in GTA Online to take a break from looting and crime. There are eight tennis courts in Los Santos where players can enjoy a good 1v1 match.

How to start a game of tennis in GTA Online

GTA website description:

Tennis is a very competitive sport that hasn’t changed much since the 1800s. It is still an obsession of angry upper-class who like to sit in the stands, drink wine, and complain about diversity.

How to start a match

To start playing a game of tennis, Players need to follow these steps:

  1. Open the Map in the Pause Menu
  2. Search for a “Tennis Racquet” Icon on the Map
  3. There are a total of eight tennis courts in the game, players need to pick the tennis court nearest to them.
  4. Drive to the court.
  5. Once players step on to the court, they can press the “Interact” button to play tennis, the dialog box on the top left corner of the screen will instruct players to do the same.

Where to find the courts

The eight locations where players can play tennis in GTA Online are:

  • Chumash Hotel Courts, Great Ocean Highway
  • Michael’s Court, Michael’s mansion
  • Richman Hotel Courts, West Eclipse Boulevard.
  • USLA Campus Courts, Picture Perfect Drive.
  • Vespucci Apartments Courts, Palomino Avenue.
  • Vespucci Courts, Vespucci Beach
  • Vinewood Apartments Courts, Elgin Avenue.
  • Weazel Courts, Dorset Drive.

For all the players who want to try something different in GTA Online they can head to the nearest tennis court to enjoy a good game of tennis. For many players this is a great way to relax and spend time away from the crime-filled, stressful world of GTA Online.

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