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How do riots work in GTA San Andreas?

How do riots work in GTA San Andreas?

Information about How do riots work in GTA San Andreas?

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One of the most important parts of GTA San Andreas are the Los Santos riots, which are still remembered to this day.

Riots are not just a gameplay feature but also serve a crucial role in the story. This is exclusive to GTA San Andreas, which makes the game stand out more. It happens late in the game and lasts until the final mission. However, players can still activate it through cheats.

How do GTA San Andreas riots work?

Needless to say, riots will turn Los Santos upside down. However, it does add difficulty to GTA San Andreas. Here is what every player should know about this feature.

How did the riots start?

There is a late mission in the game known as Riot. As the name suggests, this is when the residents of Los Santos turn crazy. Officer Frank Tenpenny has been acquitted of several crimes and most of this is due to missing witnesses.

Naturally, Los Santos isn’t happy with the verdict. From this point on, the entire city will start burning to the ground. Los Santos is the only major city affected by these events and the uproar won’t end until Tenpenny’s demise. This takes place in the final mission of GTA San Andreas.

What happens during the riots?

First and foremost, aggressive pedestrians will attack the player. Several crimes will be committed in broad daylight, such as shootings and carjackings. Some NPCs can even be seen running away with TVs. Police will also have a heavier presence in Los Santos, along with longer wanted levels.

The sky will darken over Los Santos as a loud murmur can be heard. Smoke and fire are regular sights in the streets. Fire trucks and ambulances are commonly found in these parts. These riots affect most of the city. However, a few key areas remain untouched, such as Madd Dogg’s mansion.

GTA San Andreas players can still do their daily activities. However, it becomes harder to do so. For example, dates will often be interrupted. Unsurprisingly, players need to be very careful in these dangerous conditions.

Players can use the Pedestrian Riot cheat

The riots will subside after the final mission is complete. Of course, players can still use cheats to activate them. They are as follows:

  • PlayStation: Down, Left, Up, Left, X, R2, R1, L2, L1

However, players need to be warned beforehand as once they save their progress, the riots cannot be undone. This will negatively impact gameplay in GTA San Andreas. Some missions will also be impossible to complete, such as the Madd Dogg one. Use caution before using these cheats.

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