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Band issues statement as accusations against Jack Barakat take internet by storm 

Band issues statement as accusations against Jack Barakat take internet by storm 

Information about Band issues statement as accusations against Jack Barakat take internet by storm 

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Pop-punk band All Time Low took to Twitter on October 26, responding to s*xual assault allegations brought against band member Jack Barakat.

Rumors of the band member grooming a minor went viral online after a TikToker alleged that she was invited to the band’s tour bus when she was just 13 years old. Though the unnamed woman did not mention the name of the band, she alluded to All Time Low in the comment section.

In the video, the TikToker added that she was abused in 2011 and in subsequent tours and events as well. She also stated that in 2016, one of the bandmates witnessed the minor being s*xually assaulted by Barakat. She claimed that the last occurrence of abuse was when she was 21 years old.

She wrote in the comments section:

“I now realize that I was being manipulated by a man who groomed me during a time when I was an emotionally vulnerable child.”

The alleged victim claimed she attempted to share her story twice previously but was threatened with legal action. She was also overwhelmed by the amount of hate she was met with when she attempted to share her experience. With the rise of the #MeToo movement, she finally decided to share her story online.

for all the people wondering what the all time low allegations are about and if they’re “ cancelled “ or not, this is the tiktok and comments that it’s based on. feel free to make your own judgementher comments are in the replies.

The TikToker took to Twitter to speak of her experience, but her account was suspended.

All Time Low denies s*xual assault allegations

As the rumors flooded the internet, the famous pop-punk band took to their official Twitter account, stating that the allegations were “absolutely and unequivocally false.” The band claimed that they did not respond to the allegations sooner because of the “glaring inconsistencies in the story.” Since the TikToker did not mention the band by their name, All Time Low was reluctant to address the matter.

Addressing their late response to the allegations, they said in their statement:

“We felt that a response would have elevated and escalated an outright lie, and in doing so, robbed actual victims of abuse of their very real and very important collective voice. We believe victims. We stand with victims. We have only ever wanted to cultivate and nurture a culture around out shows and band that is welcoming, healthy, and safe.”

The band added that they are investigating how the allegations came into being. They also announced that they would be “seeking legal recourse as we take these allegations very seriously.”

They ended their official statement by saying:

“We cannot and will not fuel or amplify lies that only cloud and distort the true stories of those who need to be heard and represented.”

Internet reacts to allegations brought against Jack Barakat

All Time Low fans were left disappointed with Twitter for allegedly suspending accounts where victims have opened up about their unfortunate experience of being groomed. Several netizens claim that over 90 victims came forward with s*xual assault allegations against Barakat. Some tweets read:

People defending Jack Barakat after 97 allegations???? Must be worms on the brain! Just a quick question for y’all, do you remember why his bar in LA closed? For letting in and serving alcohol to minors. Weird hill to die on

I mean…is anyone actually surprised about Jack Barakat?

@JackBarakat you need to acknowledge the inappropriate way you’ve interacted with fans since the start of your career, many of them being minors. even if it is a “joke”, a lot of your behavior has been predatory. please apologize for all of that.

Not surprised about the news about Jack Barakat given that there was a girl on the train screaming about him messaging her asking her to go to his hotel last month 🙄

if you ever heard me say i love jack barakat, no i don’t

me logging into twitter to learn that all time low and specifically jack barakat aren’t the exception to the long list of creepy/predatory men in the pop punk scene

This is disgusting. This person has tried THREE different times to bring up their story of their abuse by Jack Barakat only to be shut down. This isn’t someone “hating on your faves,” this is a recount of your fave abusing a young fan for years on end.

Jack Barakat extremely publicly dated a 17 year old when he was 25 idk why anyone would struggle to believe these allegations 🙃

i only just read the allegations on jack barakat and i feel absolutely sick to my stomach knowing people (including myself) would give him a free pass on all the gross jokes and behaviour over the years because “that’s jack and that’s how he is”

I literally JUST read the Jack barakat allegations and now the account is suspended? Disturbing… as someone who was obsessed with all time low I can 110% believe Jack was a pig and I hope that whoever was hurt by him is able to get any help and support they need.

Though the band addressed the allegations with a joint statement on their official Twitter account, Jack Barakat took to his Twitter account as well as he felt he needed to “personally refute the claims being made against” him and them as they are “100% false.”

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