The Hispanic Education Association is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. It was created to promote education and career advancement. It offers assistance to students, parents, and employees about issues related to education. For more information, browse the content of this website.



The Mission of the Hispanic Education Association is to provide information regarding educational resources and employment opportunities to individuals to help them reach their educational and career goals.


Vision Statement

We will create a strong partnership with parents, students, school officials, and local businesses to provide support to students, parents, and school officials that will result in a reduction of the minority achievement gaps and increase graduation rate.


Educational Resources

Scholarships & Grants


Employment Opportunities

1. Government Jobs:

2. Non-Government Jobs

 Guided Employment Search (Link to Join HEA)


Empleos (Jobfinder)

Diversity rocks-because it matters!

Empleos (Jobfinder) is an online community that links job seekers with employers across many industries nationwide.


Join Us

Join the Hispanic Education Association to connect with other members and companies searching for highly qualified employees. Find out how much easier it is to get the job you want, to maintain your current position, and how much more productive and rewarding your job can be with the support of the HEA membership. The Hispanic Education Association remains committed to its members, providing a path to the achievement of their educational and career goals. (open form, which includes payment page)